DynamiX, 2013 in Review!

2013 was an amazing year for the team at DynamiX, and we thank all of our incredible clients for sharing in it with us, for allowing us to be a part of their successes and for their faith in our work. Here’s to a great 2014!

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D Geller & Son Site is Live!

The brand new D. Geller & Son website has launched! Check it out at http://dgeller.com/ :)

Previous website:

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Duffy Realty a “Site of the Day”!

Thanks to Enjoy Inspiration for featuring the Duffy Realty website as their site of the day for November 11th!

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Platinum Kitchens Featured by Designmodo!

Check out the article, Enthralling Website Designs featuring Interior and Exterior!

Platinum Kitchens and Designs capably brings a note of artistry and style, beautifully combining together kitchen design sketches with watercolor touch and shots of real design projects.”

Thanks for the mention Designmodo!

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Atlanta Mission Wins!

Congratulations to Atlanta Mission, whose DynamiX-built site just won 2nd place at a national missions conference! http://instagram.com/p/awHg7yFkS5/

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DynamiX on Atlanta & Co (Thanks Dale Cardwell)!

Visit TrustDale.com for great advice on the best local businesses in Atlanta, and our thanks again to Dale for mentioning DynamiX! Shout out starts at 6:20 :)

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Platinum Kitchens is Live!

Check it out at http://platinum-kitchens.com, or see below for a view of the DynamiX-exclusive Responsive+™ design on an iPad and iPhone.

Platinum Kitchens

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New Crab Pot Website is Live!

The brand new Crab Pot website is live! This was a fun one, with a lot of fancy CSS3 animations (just check out the header in a modern browser like Chrome, Firefox or IE10 to see), and a retina design.

For those unfamiliar with the term, that means the site is twice as crisp and clear as an average website is in computers that support it, including the iPad 3/4 and retina-capable computers like the latest Apple Macbook Pro.

It’s also fully responsive, meaning it dynamically adjusts itself to look perfect on every screen, every device, every time. Try it out by narrowing and widening your browser window, and watch the items in the header and content area move around!

Here’s the new site:

And here’s how it used to look, complete with tons of flash:

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Cobb Life Magazine Features Jeff Jahn @ DynamiX

Cobb Life Magazine was kind enough to feature our own Jeff Jahn in its March 2013 Issue as one of “20 Rising Stars Under 40.”

You can read the article at Issuu, and we appreciate the mention!

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Motion Reality Landing Page

A ‘coming soon’ page for Motion Reality, up and running while their brand new site is in development. Of course since we’re incapable of doing anything halfway, their coming soon page is fully responsive and valid HTML5 :)

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