The Georgia Renaissance Festival

The Georgia Renaissance Festival

Medieval Times, Modern Site.

The Goal

To make it easy for patrons to find maps, information and specials through the site, and to increase festival exposure during the off-season.

The End Result

Online ticket sales are up a staggering 85% over last year, and the Renaissance Festival Facebook account is seeing hundreds of new subscribers each week.

It's Raining, It's Pouring, Ren Fest is Still Open!

"Rainy Day Specials" keep visitors coming to the festival on rainy days.

Its Raining Outside

Push a button, and it rains

On days when it's raining outside, the Renaissance Festival can simply push a button to start a gentle rain over the site, while a special discount (easily configurable) is added automatically to the header of the site.

What if it's not raining yet?

If it looks like it might rain, but hasn't yet, the Renaissance Festival can push a "Rain is Forecast" button to show the rainy day special, but without the falling rain across the site.

Facebook Interest Is Through The Roof!

We made it easy for visitors to follow the Renaissance Festival.

Facebook Followers and Activity!

The new Renaissance Festival website places a much higher focus on social media, both through links on every page of the site and through the blog. How has that translated into more action on Facebook? See the graph above! The flat lines represent Facebook prior to the new site launch, while the activity spikes come from the launch day on forward.

What The Georgia Renaissance Festival Has to Say:

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Jack Sias, The Georgia Renaissance Festival

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