Monolith Companies

Monolith Companies

Rock Solid Appeal.

A clean and attractive design lets visitors know they have come to the right place.

The Goal

To create a consistent brand image on and off the web, provide a showcase for the companies' high quality of work and attract new customers.

The End Result

The company sees significant web traffic, thanks in part to extremely high search engine rankings. And once customers find the site, they stay
(5 page views/visitor average)

It's Easy To Find.

Great search engine rankings help to keep traffic flowing.

Ranked Number One out of Over 2 Million Results

#1 Out Of 2,070,000 Results - Google

Site Ranked Number One out of Nearly 5 Million Results

#1 Out Of 4,860,000 Results - Google


Monolith Offices

What Monolith Has to Say:

"Dynamix Web Design was very professional throughout the entire process. The website is extremely user friendly and easily updatable by anyone in the company, but the Dynamix team are always available for help! Highly recommended!"

Cory Thomas, VP of Business Development

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