Builders Surplus Atlanta

Builders Surplus Atlanta

Attractive Interface, Unbelievable Prices.

The Goal

To allow visitors to quickly see exactly what Builders Surplus has to offer, to make it easy to find the store, and to increase search engine rankings over their pre-existing website.

The Result

An intuitive, image-based menu makes finding products effortless, and visitors have really responded. Image carousels showcase what Builders Surplus offers, and rankings are way up.


Over 10,000 visits per month and 91,000 page views!

builders Search Engine Rankings

And to top it all off, a whopping
86% of the visitors to the site come directly from search engines.

No One Wants To Leave.

With a bounce rate of just 19%, it's clear that people are staying on the site.

Bounce Rate!

What's a bounce rate?

A bounce rate is a measure of the number of people who find your site or a page and leave without continuing through the site. Lower is better!


What Builders Surplus Has to Say:

"Dynamix must be one of the best web design groups in Atlanta. They are fast to respond if you need anything and the product they deliver, far surpasses the cost involved. They are excellent at customer support and are willing to go the extra mile for your satisfaction. Would and DO recommend them to anyone who asks "Who did your site?" Overall, highly satisfied with both the site and the support if I ever need anything done. A "

Kevin Conrad, Builders Surplus

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